Since founding Guardian Manufacturing in 1993, Chuck Smith’s reach is worldwide. The initial focus of the company was the design, development, and sales implementation of second-generation alcohol interlock devices for the automotive industry. These devices, used by numerous state and city municipalities, regulate the use of automobiles (or other related equipment) to clients who have been convicted of (DUI) driving under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Smith began to learn and develop control systems for providing automated controls of industrial processes. Guardian began to bid and win projects in space and entertainment industries in and around Brevard County.  Today, Guardian Manufacturing is known as an industry leader in many areas of control system integration and control. Mr. Smith began exploring the multiple uses and benefits of using ozone to solve industrial treatment problems. This fascination, coupled with unique product innovation, continues and has become a strong growth sector of Guardian’s business. Today, Guardian is recognized as an industry leader in ozone generation products used for gaseous and aqueous applications in food safety and industrial sectors. Headquartered in Cocoa, Florida, and located adjacent to the Cape Canaveral space industry complexes, Guardian’s reach is worldwide. Guardian Manufacturing products and systems are installed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Thailand, China, and Turkey.