In 2006, Founder and CEO, Stacia Glavas, witnessed firsthand the impact of homelessness. While Stacia and her husband Pete Glavas were walking, they saw a young mother experiencing an asthma attack while her young daughter was beside her. Pete and Stacia were prompted to help this mother and child back to their apartment so she could get her breathing treatment. Upon entry, they noticed the unfathomable conditions Julia and her daughter were living in.

After this encounter, Stacia was inspired to befriend, guide, and support Julia as she learned to live a healthy, self-sufficient life rather than approach their relationship with a “fix-it” attitude. Stacia fostered a loving friendship with Julia; they are still friends to this day. This experience fueled Stacia’s passion for breaking the cycle of homelessness in families permanently.

With a tremendous amount of community support, “Brevard Rescue Mission”, now New Life Mission, was officially founded in 2008. The first campus, “Casa Carol,” opened in 2009 with three retrofitted apartments. Since 2009, nine apartments have been repaired, furnished, and house our formerly homeless families.

New Life Mission was able to purchase the “Casa Carol” campus in 2012, and after a hugely successful Capital Building Campaign, the mortgage was paid off in the summer of 2014. As “Casa Carol” has expanded, the support and enrichment programs have grown to meet the changing needs of families in our community.

In 2018, New Life Mission purchased a five-unit apartment complex debt-free. The new campus, “Joy’s Place,” was purchased just two blocks away from “Casa Carol”. The campus was named after Fred Sutton’s eldest daughter. “Joy’s Place” permits New Life Mission to assist five homeless mothers with up to twelve children additionally.

Our latest expansion, Life Transformation Center (LTC), is ideally located just south of the intersection of US1 and Eau Gallie Blvd. LTC is only six minutes from our other campuses. With eight existing single-family homes and five commercial buildings facing US1, we are expanding our program to serve both on and off-campus students by the end of 2020.

“The Treehouse” is expected to open in 2020, featuring a group home with sixteen beds for homeless women and children. The First Baptist Church of Melbourne owns and maintains the campus while New Life Mission will operate the transformational life program.