Transformed Shop – Retail Program

The Handmade Healing Mission.

The Transformed Shop is a sanctuary of hope, healing and creativity for women who – through a variety of circumstances – are experiencing homelessness and starting their next chapters in the New Life Mission program. Women’s lives become transformed as they create new products using recycled denim and other repurposed materials.

Every product has a story.

Every product created within the Transformed Shop is handcrafted by our Makers. By becoming a retail location, you are empowering women to gain valuable skills that will equip them to break the cycle of homelessness.

Become a Retail Partner

Empower. Women are supported and encouraged in a loving environment. Equip. Women are taught valuable employment and life skill. Create. Women are encouraged and inspired to create with their hands.

So, why denim?

All of the material used in the Transformed Shop is donated and repurposed, and a lot of our products incorporate denim. Much like the journeys of the moms in our program, we see the beauty and potential in this rugged fabric. Both have been through challenges and in some cases worn completely through.

There is strength in the pieces that remain.

Return on investment for you and our community.

Retail Partners purchase Transformed Shop products at wholesale prices and earn a return on their investment by selling our high-quality, thoughtful and unique items. Your investment will bring profit to your business and support New Life Mission as a safe place for homeless moms as they transform their lives.

To become a Retail Partner, fill out our New Retail Partner Application. After your account is set up (2-3 business days), you will receive an email with your wholesale discount code to use at checkout.

For more information, email or call 321-480-9100 Ext. 111