Stories of Transformation


Determination is an integral part of the transformative stories of the homeless mothers who come through New Life Mission. With a stunning 90% success rate after graduation, it’s a program that succeeds! That’s because women suited for New Life Mission aren’t just ready for a change; they’re ready to make it happen! 

Sarah’s Story

“Sarah” lived in 33 foster homes and two emergency shelters as a child. Soon after giving birth to her 3rd child, Sarah and her family had no place to live until she found New Life Mission.

“With everyone’s help here at New Life Mission, I was able to take it step-by-step, one day at a time, and make it to the finish line. I am now a licensed massage therapist!” said Sarah. “When you finish something you’ve envisioned finishing for a long time, it really opens doors. Your courage, your self-esteem… you just glow inside. Now I feel like I can conquer anything!”

Rachel’s Story

“Rachel” called New Life Mission after a friend decided she and her children could no longer stay in the apartment they shared. She wanted to make positive changes in her life and move forward toward living independently with her children.

From the moment she attended New life Mission, Rachel was adamant about obtaining her GED and gaining full-time employment. Today she has accomplished and surpassed both of those goals.

“I passed my GED with hard work and by never giving up,” said Rachel. “I have gotten more support from the women and staff here at New Life Mission than I have received my whole life. I’m setting an example for my kids to never give up no matter how old you are. With love and God in your life, you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself.”

Kathy’s Story

When “Kathy” was accepted into New Life Mission, having a place to live led to being reunited with her 8-year-old son after two years apart. Financial difficulties combined with Kathy’s health condition had rendered them homeless two years prior as they lived in their car. Without access to needed medication, she was hospitalized, and her son was placed in foster care.

After she was released from the hospital, she struggled to maintain her health so she could afford stable housing, which was a condition of reunification. The foster care oversight team shared that her acceptance into the New Life Mission program was a key factor in their decision to move forward with reunification.

Kathy now has stable housing and case management resources to help her meet financial, educational, employment, and health-related goals. My son and I are very excited,” Kathy said. “I can now plan a future with him!”

Chloe’s Story

“Chloe” shared her testimony at the 2017 Impact 100 Partner event, explaining how she found New Life Mission. ‘”I was 8-months pregnant and sleeping on the street,” says Chole. “Being pregnant and homeless is when I had hit rock bottom. I got on my knees and called out to God to put people in my path to help me because I couldn’t do this alone anymore.”

She teared up when looking around the room and said, “Now I know that it was New Life Mission people that God placed in my path… it was each one of you!”

Emily’s Story

For years, “Emily” was tormented, belittled, and humiliated daily by her boyfriend. When she lost her job, the abuse only escalated. He took her car and kicked her out, along with their four-year-old little boy. That’s when she came to New Life Mission. She was welcomed and loved in a way that was completely new to her. She began to build the sense of independence that she’d always craved.

Emily worked hard to meet the goals of getting an education and a good-paying job that could support her and her child. She successfully graduated from New Life Mission and is now employed as a licensed insurance agent and has permanent housing. She has a healthy relationship with her child, she loves the Lord and no longer has to take abuse from anyone